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Agricultural Solutions


We know farming

FeedLogic has over a decade of experience

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Meeting the Challenge

FEEDLogic technology addresses the impending challenges facing livestock production worldwide.


Bin Inventory


Monitor Feed Levels

Innovative Solutions

We understand the challenges of farming and develop new solutions.

Automation Tools

Effective methods to manage processes remotely with fewer staff.

Inventory Management

Alert when feed levels are low and order needs to be placed with real time data.


Responsive Design

We recognize each customer is unique and respond with specific solutions.

Built-In Capabilities

Monitoring in a new and convenient way.

Targeted Use of Antibiotics

Allows for targeted use of feed-grade antibiotics and stricter compliance with the timing of application.


Intelligent Feeding and Farm Monitoring Solutions

FEEDLogic technology is a pioneer in the development of intelligent feeding and farm monitoring solutions which can provide producers with real-time monitoring and management of their farming operations. It offers a series of products which combine hardware and software technology to measure production processes and execute more precisely. Our products include FEEDPro for livestock research applications. MultiSense monitoring systems. FarmHub communication gateways and the FarmStreams web portal.