Intelligent Feed Delivery

The industry’s leading swine research solution. Automatically track and deliver unique feed rations to individual pens. The core of the FEEDPro system is an intelligent feed delivery unit. Precise amounts of feed are automatically loaded and can be delivered to any feeder in any quantity Blend or dispense supplements with no cross contamination. Multiple diets can be managed with one system. FEEDPro is the most effective system for on-farm research and optimizing rate of gain and profitability with powerful software remote monitoring and automated data collection. 


Return on your investment

  • Discover money-saving feeding strategies which can be applied in other commercial barns.
  • Reduce Labor costs per trial and complete more trials in shorter time.

Precise Rations

  • Know exactly the quantity delivered to each pen and increase data reliability.
  • Ability to test equipment performance(feeders, waterers, etc.) before committing to large scale purchases.

Powerful Software

  • FEEDPro includes control software which makes it easy to set up and manage trials which follow correct protocols.
  • System dashboards and quick reports provide the user with management  tools to monitor feeding behavior and gain insights as trials progress.

Remote Monitoring & Automated Data Collection

  • Users with internet access can check on system status or download data at any time.

Custom Designs

  • Rail Layouts suited to the design of your building.

Easy Installation

  • FEEDPro can be installed in new or existing buildings with limited structural modifications.

Learn More by downloading the brochure.

FEEDPro Brochure